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What are the best multibagger promotions in 2018 ???

A lot has happened that has changed the Indian stock market … The main ones are listed below … !!!

1) Sino-Indian relations: As you can see, Indians face a lot of problems from China … A boycott of Chinese good is coming … It can change the Indian market in many ways.

2) GST: As we know, GST has been greeted by the Indian stock market since it showed green. But the impact of GST is not yet visible, it will show its colors after the 2018 budget.

3) 500 and 1000: Although 99% of the 500 and 1000 notes were collected, and this is marked as a failure of our Prime Minister. Most of the money accumulates in banks. The process is still ongoing and hopefully the money raised will be used to grow GDP.

4) Falling crude oil prices: Since last year there has been a significant drop in oil prices, but no change in the price of gasoline and diesel fuel leads to the accumulation of money towards the government. Because it is also possible that crude oil rates will fall more.

5) Hope … How Jio was a big surprise for the Reliance Group. There are many more surprises ahead.

These were very few items that could affect the stock:

With these conditions in mind, the recommendations of Future Live Services are given.

TCS (TATA Consulting Services)

• TCS was split in a 2: 1 ratio to one month. From here you are strongly encouraged to buy.

• Buy TCS for 1800

• Goal 2100/2300/2500 (next 3-6 months)

If you buy 500 square meters. In 1850, the total investment would have been 900,000

If you go out with the first goal, then your total return will be 150,000, so about 16% return on your investment.

Hexagonal utensils

• Buy hexagonal utensils for 450

• Target 550/700/900 (next 3-6 months)

If you buy 500 Qts at 450, then the total investment will be 200,000 INR

If you go with the first goal, then 75,000 will be a profit, so 37.5% return on your investment.

All of these companies are growing companies in the IT sector, and the IT sector is now booming. In addition, they published stable quarterly indicators and underestimated them in the area in which they operate.

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