8 best websites for students to make money

As a student, you will face periods when you won’t have a single penny in your pocket and you will struggle for a minor job while managing your studies. It is very difficult, so today students are looking for different ways to make money where and when possible.

Honestly, we are pleased to be present in this digital age, as earning extra money for students has never been easy. But in the age of the Internet and digital media, students can make money anywhere and anywhere.

Here are some of the best sites that can help you make good money just by sitting at home with a laptop and a stable internet connection.


If you like to work reliably and you have a desire to create a personal brand, you can make a lot of money using Fiverr. You can effectively use Fiverr and make money on it by offering its conveniences in a variety of options – from writing, programming to graphic design and more. The most interesting and cool thing about this platform is that there are a lot of random things you can do and get paid, such as a girl reading a message in an amazing fruit costume, etc.


You are probably no stranger to this idea, this site basically allows you to rent houses or apartments to people in different places around the world, and you can use this as a replacement for hotel reservations. So, if you are lucky enough to find your place or you can convince your roommates, you can easily rent extra room to guests for a few days and nights and earn a lot of good money on it.


College students can make real money using this site; all they need to do is buy and sell domain names at a higher price. It may take you a while to get this good, but this job involves finding valuable domain names for business, sites like Flippa – this is a place where you can auction domain names at a high price.


Well, I can’t promise you’ll instantly become a viral celebrity, it’s entirely up to you! The money that people get for communicating with YouTube and placing commercials on their videos is different, however if you continue to post regularly, you can increase your income to $ 10 a day, and have the opportunity to earn a hundred bucks if your the channel rises.

To work

Training is a place where you can start a lucrative freelance career while still studying. The whole point is how you use your unique skills and make money on it. In Up work you can perform a variety of tasks ranging from SEO, marketing, social networking, graphic design, writing, even you can be a virtual assistant. It is still the most popular website for freelance work, but many other platforms offer the same services.

Custom testing

There are many websites that claim that you can make money just by browsing the internet, this usually involves installing add-ons in your web browser and you get paid for what you normally do online. It sounds cool, but it doesn’t bring you real money. Custom testing is a website with the same concept, but with respect. On this site you can look at different websites and browse them, for each review you are paid $ 10, and writing a review takes 20 minutes. Now you can make good money.


If you think you know how to take pictures and you have a good camera, you can quickly sell your stock of photos to big sites like BigStock Photo, Shutterstock and Dreamstime. You can sell photos of your friends you have captured or your city and make a good profit from them. It can also lead you to become the best member of the website and you can sell more photos.


Do you believe that you can write? Then screenwriting and self-publishing a book on Amazon can bring you a lot of money. Initially it takes a long time because you need to write an e-book and then read and edit it, but once it is published, you will receive a reflective income that will continue and you can sit and look at the money invested. a decent idea to write your e-book during the summer break so that your studies are not interrupted.