Krugerrand Gold Coins – Five Advantages of Buying Krugerrands Gold Coins Compared to Other Ingot Coins

Krugerand’s gold coins are the oldest of all modern gold coins. Launched by the South African government in 1967, their level of popularity grew so great that it led to the minting of other famous gold coins, including the Canadian gold maple leaf and the American gold eagle.

I described the main history and information of Krugeranda in my previous article “Krugeranda’s Gold Coins – the 1st Modern Gold Coin”. I also talked about some interesting facts and details about the coin in the next article entitled “Krugeranda’s Gold Coins – 10 Interesting Nuggets of Information”. If you’re interested in reading them, just do a search on EzineArticles or Google by title!

In this article, I would like to talk about the advantages of buying Krugeranda gold coins over other modern gold coins.

1. High strength

The 22k Krugerrand contains a combination of a gold alloy with 91.67% gold and 8.33% copper. The inclusion of copper makes them more durable than other modern 24,000 gold bars. The coin is very resistant to scratches, dents and cuts!

2. Low price

Krugerand usually has the lowest premium over the price of gold. At the time of this writing, the coin was trading at $ 9.00 per spot compared to $ 16.00 per Canadian golden maple leaf, $ 34.00 per spot for the American Golden Eagle and $ 50.00 per spot for the Golden Buffalo!

3. Instant liquidity

Because the South African Krugerand is so famous, buying and selling them both locally and internationally is very easy.

4. Easy to store

Like most gold bars with ingots, the compact size of the Krugeranda makes it easy to store and transport. Most Krugerrands are packaged in three-inch plastic tubes that fit perfectly in home safes or in bank safes.

5. Better than bars

Although it is true that the premium on gold bars is usually lower than on gold coins, unlike Krugeranda gold coins, it is very difficult to store and transport them. Also, most bars need to be analyzed when selling – an extra price that you don’t have to worry about when selling a Krugerrand!

If you are just starting to buy gold coins in bullion or want to replenish your collection, I think you will agree that Krugerrand gold is not only a big deal, but also a high quality bullion that should become the cornerstone of any portfolio investor.