Invest $ 250 – how to quickly get back 50 percent

I recently reviewed several wholesalers located in China. I was happy with their prices, looking for an electric scooter (Vespa style) for my son. Unfortunately, when I received the photos and offers, they ignored my minimum order and made the required minimum order for 1 container or 25 scooters.

Not only that, but scooters cannot be flown, they must arrive by ship, as couriers do not deliver products with lead-acid batteries. There are many complex customs confusions and duties for shipping. Everything was starting to get a little complicated.

It made me think … what would I do if I only had $ 250 and I wanted to add 50% quickly. 50% is a huge estimate in less than a week. If you were able to add that $ 250 to 50% just 14 times, you would have a total of $ 109,473 if you would add that money to each transaction.

I love the concept and math of addition. This is a magic formula when you get to 50% of the territory. Starting at just $ 250, at least theoretically, you can turn them into over $ 100,000 in just 14 steps or transactions. But how could we do that? If you were able to do it once, what would stop you from doing it 13 more times?

The import research I was doing made me think. Why import. Why go through all these worries and risks. In our yard there are wonderful opportunities. Price is a funny thing. Markets vary in different areas. Elite networks charge 10 times more for the same quality products as cost-effective networks, and they justify these additional costs by referring to their logo and packaging. People know it, but still keep buying. Even if the retailer on the street has exactly the same quality products at a small price.

You can shop at these retail chains and advertise in ads. Start with a new bike, I recently saw it in thrift stores for $ 100. The quality was excellent. I could easily put a price of $ 170 or even $ 200 and I know I would get some interest. From there, the only thing is to bribe the prospective buyer with an additional discount to the initial markup of $ 150 or 50%, which we were looking for in the first place. He will feel that he has a lot and you have achieved your first challenging goal.

By the way, you can contact the retail manager and ask them to close the deal. If the bike sells easily, you can just constantly advertise and purchase bikes in quantity as a kind of passive income.